Migraine & Headaches

Believed to be caused by blood-vessel microemboli, often a blood clot, which becomes caught in the brain and causes blockage in a cerebral blood vessel.

  • Often due to chronic blood vessel inflammation
  • Induces cortical spreading depression (CSD)
  • Release of neurotransmitter glutamate which leads to an acute inflammation of blood vessels and nerves

Causes symptoms of a migraine

The CSD wave restricts the glymphatic space

Glymphatic flow significantly decreases in the period just before a migraine as the CSD wave passes

  • Compromises the clearance of a variety of extracellular excitatory and inflammatory chemicals

Intense pain caused by inflamed nerves in the tissue that surrounds the brain

21CTW/Dan Prater, ND helps to address migraines by:

  • Reducing cerebral blood vessel inflammation
  • Antithrombotic activities
  • Removing blood stasis and blood clots

Reducing inflammation and enhancing glymphatic system