GMO: What is This and What are my Choices?

GMO Foods (Genetically Modified Organism Foods) are plants and animals that have been genetically engineered by science for a variety of reasons, from killing “pests” or making the seed crops drought resistant, to increasing rapid growth for faster harvest.

Scientists from chemical companies often introduce cells from foreign bacteria, viruses, other species of plants and/or animals, for these purposes, that would not otherwise be natural to that food source. Further, most non-organically raised livestock and farmed fish/shellfish are fed GMO grains and there are known diseases and disorders, such as acidosis, being passed on to these animals; however, since their birth to slaughter time is quite short, we may never know the long-term effects, other than what we may find after decades of human consumption of such GMO fed foods – second-hand GMO, if you will.

Years of studies are determining that these GMO altered foods are not only NOT increasing the quality or bounty of harvest, but may also be causing the mutation or possible extinction of various insects, such as butterflies and bees. In addition, GMO foods are likely to be causing many human and animal allergies, gastrointestinal disturbances and other health concerns. With the exception of the U.S., most developed countries overseas are restricting, or even banning, the import of GMO foods, so isn’t it time that Americans became more aware of the possible dangers and refuse purchasing GMO foods, as well?

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