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Adrenal Fatigue: the clear signs you have it!

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It’s not a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, singular herb, or probiotic and yet it’s found in many foods in very trace amounts! If taken in the correct amount daily (supplementation form) you will see and feel major benefits! There are some medication interaction and interactions so consult with your medical doctor or Naturopath before taking!   ~ Dan Prater, ND

  • Cardiovascular Health: This compound acts to systemically relax the walls of blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and preventing the development of high blood pressure. The compound also slows the development of cardiovascular disease by preventing the formation of plaque on the inner walls of blood vessels!
  • Learning and Memory: Research published in 2011, 12 and 2015 in the “Indian Journal of Medical Research” shows this nutrient is especially active in the hypothalamus during cognitive tasks regarding spatial memory/learning and avoidance of negative behaviors!
  • Bone Remodeling and Healing: This nutrient can help to improve bone density by enhancing bone formation and reducing the extent of bone breakdown. The compound’s effect on bones is improved when used in combination with supplements such as vitamin D, calcitonin, and bisphosphonates!
  • Reduced Joint Pain: Research published in 2008 in the Journal Arthritis Research and Therapy shows this nutrient plays a role in perception of pain and can be used as a useful pain management tool while managing the symptoms of osteoarthritis!

Nutrition and supplementation are very specific to you!

Your blood type, chemistry, and symptoms require that your Plan of Care be designed to address you specifically!

This is my area of expertise, taking 20 years of experience I can partner with you in maximizing your health!
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