Olivir Proprietary Olive Leaf Extract Demonstrates Antiviral and Antibacterial Properties

New Processing Technique Makes Olivir™ Effective when Used Orally

In the 1970’s in vitro testing showed one of the active components in olive leaf (Olea europea) to be extraordinarily virucidal and bactericidal on dozens of viruses and bacteria, including several agents of the common cold.(2) However, the compound proved much less effective in the body.(4) A new hydroethanolic processing method using selected extracts of the olive plant, has been developed to produce Olivir™, a natural supplement proven useful for combating a wide range of viral and bacterial infections.

Olivir™ Selectively Blocks Virus-Specific Systems Without Influencing Host Cell Mechanisms

Clinical data suggests that Olivir™ affects viral components of cellular origin in both free and cell associated viruses. Its virucidal effect is due to interference with certain amino acid production processes necessary for the vitality of the specific virus. Olivir™ may be a “true antiviral”, since it selectively blocks an entire virus-specific system. It appears to interfere with viral infection and/or spread by directly inactivating the virus or by preventing virus shedding, budding or assembly at the cell membrane. It is able to directly penetrate infected host cells and irreversibly inhibit viral replication. This virucidal effect seems to apply to both active and latent viruses. Olivir™ could prove to be a major weapon against the common cold and flu, as well as many other viral and bacterial infections.

The adverse side effects associated with many antibiotic drugs have not been seen with Olivir™. The herbal extract acts at low concentrations and does not appear to influence host cell mechanisms. Clinical tests confirm that the herbal extract does not cause mutagenicity. In addition, Olivir™ has been shown to directly stimulate phagocytosis, an immune system response in which cells ingest microorganisms and foreign matter and it has no impact on the “friendly” intestinal microorganisms. Use of antibiotics suppresses the immune system and destroys the beneficial microflora.

Positive Clinical Reports

In 1993, when a weaker liquid form of Olivir™ was tested on six herpes patients with active herpes lesions, all six subjects reported significantly better results than they had previously using the medication Acyclovir. Three said their lesions disappeared in 36 to 48 hours.

One of the components of olive leaf, oleuropein, is reported to be useful for lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieving arrhythmia and preventing intestinal spasms.(6,7)

Doctors who have used the olive leaf preparation report positive results in patients with herpes, colds, flu, bladder infections and chronic fatigue. Some patients have reported improvement in symptoms of allergy, asthma and even vaginal yeast infections.

Some patients, depending on the severity of the infection, may initially feel worse while taking Olivir™. This is due to what is known as a Herxheimer Reaction or “die-off” effect. When the viral or bacterial burden is heavy, the body will take longer to clear the dead organisms from the system. The patient may experience extreme fatigue, headaches, muscle/joint pain or flu-like symptoms. The patient should understand that these symptoms are a positive sign that the product is working. After the body has processed out the toxins, many patients report feelings of euphoria, high energy and a sense of well-being.

History of Olive Leaf Use

In medical reports from the 1800’s a tea made from olive leaves was used for malaria. Later, in the early 1900’s, olive leaf was found to be far superior to quinine for malaria. However, due to ease of administration, quinine continued to be the preferred treatment.

In 1957, the active ingredient oleuropein was isolated. Researchers reported that oleuropein could be used to effectively lower blood pressure, increase blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieve arrhythmia and prevent intestinal spasms.(6,7)

In the 1970’s, a derivative of oleuropein, elenolic acid (as calcium elenolate), was tested in vitro against dozens of different viruses as well as many strains of bacteria and parasitic protozoa. All of those tested were highly susceptible to inactivation by calcium elenolate with the exception of reovirus 3 (Deering) and poliovirus 3. These were reduced, but to a lesser extent.

Research was abandoned after animal studies showed that calcium elenolate was effective only when it was given within five minutes of infection or eight hours after infection (after the eclipse phase). Effects decreased rapidly after that. The researchers found that calcium elenolate rapidly binds to proteins in the blood. Once it is bound, it becomes ineffective.

Because of the herb’s potential as an anti-viral agent, independent researchers resumed the study in the 1990’s and developed a method of production that could remove the protein-clinging properties, yet leave the virucidal and bactericidal properties intact. The resulting formula, Olivir™, is a pure vegetable-based virucide and bactericide made from oleuropein and a selected blend of synergistic olive leaf extracts.

Recommended Use

The recommended dosage for Olivir™ is four capsules daily, taken throughout the day. If the “die-off” effect causes severe symptoms, the number of capsules can be reduced or discontinued until the patient feels better. A detoxification program may also be recommended, using high doses of vitamin C, along with acidophilus supplements to ensure a strong beneficial microflora in the intestines.

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