Do you have the qualities of a successful entrepreneur?

Although there is no “one size, fits all” theory for entrepreneurship, a few guidelines may help those with a good idea become successful entrepreneurs. The following insights can help you embark on your next entrepreneurial venture with due diligence.

1. Passion & Motivation

piece-of-a-puzzleIf there’s one word that describes the fundamental trait in an entrepreneurship, it would be passion.

  • Is there something that you can work on over and over again, without getting bored?
  • Is there something that keeps you awake because you have not finished it yet?
  • Is there something that you have built and want to continue to improve upon, again and again?
  • Is there something that you enjoy the most and want to continue doing for the rest of your life?

Your demonstration of passion and motivation will determine your success in any entrepreneurial venture. From building and implementing a prototype, to pitching your idea to venture capitalists, success is a function of passion and determination.

2. Risk Taking

Entrepreneurs are risk takers ready to dive deep into a future of uncertainty. But not all risk takers are successful entrepreneurs. What differentiates a successful entrepreneur from the rest in terms of risk? Successful entrepreneurs are will to risk time and money on unknowns, but they also keep resources, plans and bandwidth for dealing with “unknown unknowns” in reserve. When evaluating risk, a successful entrepreneur will ask herself, is this risk worth the cost of my career, time and money? And, what will I do if this venture doesn’t pay off?

3. Self-Belief, Hard Work & Disciplined Dedication

Entrepreneurs enjoy what they do. They believe in themselves and are confident and dedicated to their project. Occasionally, they may show stubbornness in their intense focus on and faith in their idea. But the flip side is their demonstrated discipline and dedication.

4. Adaptability & Flexibility

It’s good to be passionate or even stubborn about what you do. But being inflexible about client or market needs will lead to failure. Remember, an entrepreneurial venture is not simply about doing what you believe is good, but also making successful business out of it. Market needs are dynamic: changes are a recurring phenomenon. Successful entrepreneurs welcome all suggestions for optimization or customization that enhances their offering and satisfies client and market needs. A product you develop for yourself alone may qualify as a hobby, but a product for the market should satisfy market needs.

5. Understand Your Offering – And Its Market

Entrepreneurs know their product offering inside and out. They also know the marketplace and its dynamics inside and out. Remaining unaware of changing market needs, competitor moves and other external factors can bring even great products to failure.

6. Money Management

It takes time to get to profitability for any entrepreneurial venture. Till then, capital is limited and needs to be utilized wisely. Successful entrepreneurs realize this mandatory money management requirement and plan for present and future financial obligations (with some additional buffer). Even after securing funding or going fully operational, a successful businessman keeps a complete handle on cash flows, as it is the most important aspect of any business.

7. Planning (But not Over-planning)

Entrepreneurship is about building a business from scratch while managing limited resources (including time, money and personal relationships). It is a long-term commitment, and attempting to plan as much as possible at the beginning is a noble impulse. In reality, however, planning for everything and having a ready solution for all possible risks may prevent you from even taking the first step. Successful entrepreneurs do keep some dry powder in reserve, but more importantly they maintain a mindset and temperament to capable of dealing with unforeseen possibilities.

Do a feasibility analysis; identify time and capital thresholds; take the deep dive with your limited resources. If your thresholds are crossed, look for alternatives and be prepared to take the next exit.

8. Networking Abilities

How do you tap your network for solutions? Many people seek comfort in commiseration: friends, colleagues and neighbors are happy to complain with you about “the global slowdown,” poor demand, or unfair competition; but that won’t improve the bottom line. What do successful entrepreneurs do? They reach out to mentors with more experience and extensive networks to seek valuable advice.

Having such networking abilities, including more experienced mentors, is a key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

9. Being Prepared to Take the Exit

Not every attempt will result in success. The failure rate of entrepreneurial ventures is very high. At times, it is absolutely fine to take the “practical” exit route and try something new, instead of continuing to make sunk cost investments in the same venture. Many famous entrepreneurs weren’t successful the first time around. But they had the serenity and foresight to know when to cut their losses.

10. Entrepreneurs Doubt Themselves – But Not Too Much

You may ask yourself, am I an entrepreneur? If you have read the article to this point you may be asking yourself what does entrepreneurs have to do with naturopathy? Keep in mind the 10 points and here are few thoughts for your consideration:

  • If you are not passionate about your health, maybe it’s time to consider the value of your health!? How much is feeling better or healthy worth to you?
  • Investing in your health may feel “risky” or maybe it’s just not on your top 10 priority? Perhaps it should be though, your health that is, on your top 10 priority list!
  • Be healthy or healthier is great feeling, I believe you’ll really enjoy it! Go for it pick just 1 or 2 things you can work on or address and pace yourself, find friends, family, health care providers (Dan Prater, ND 219-613-1161 ) who will support and encourage in your pursuit of better health!
  • Being successful in this venture of better health means having patience with yourself! There will be ups & downs, this is a process and journey not an ultimate destination so it’s okay to accept the valleys, and at the same time celebrate the hilltop victories!
  • The “product” is you, and a comprehensive Plan of Care. Dan Prater, ND
  • Health is an investment, it shouldn’t break the bank and at the same time it does require funds. I can help you here: Dan Prater, ND
  • Some of you are starting from scratch, and some are building on progress. I can consult with you on both of these levels, whether you’re dealing with new symptoms, wanting to improve your strength & endurance, evaluate the benefits of new cleanse or detox, determine what vitamin/mineral/herb/homeopathy/traditional Chinese medicine remedy, or combination of all these therapies as well as the necessity of any of these therapies, I can guide you through this process!
  • I have been in business for 15 years and clients in 15 different states, with clients ranging from conception to 97 years young! And all of my clients have at least these two things in common; they are in pursuit of health, and they have come to discover I am one of their greatest resources!
  • Failure only occurs with quitting, remember pace yourself, have patience with yourself, endure the valleys and enjoy those hilltop victories! But don’t quit!



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