Comprehensive Naturopathic Care

Comprehensive Naturopathic Care!

Established 1999
with personal attention
To Your Health Needs!

The mind effects your body, and you definitely have a soul!
So you must address all three for Complete Health & Wellness!

Dr. Dan Prater, Naturopath
With clients in 48 states on 3 continents
12514 Parrish Ave Cedar Lake, IN 46303
219-613-1161 ~

After 27 years in Health Care I
can guarantee these are your 5
keys to Healing /Health & Wellness:

Customized Supplementation!
(Genetic ~ Lab’s ~ Gender ~ Age ~ And Goal Specific)

5 is definitely where Dr. Prater, ND 27 years of both clinical & personal experience culminate and reveal to each client the true “secrets” to Health/Wellness & Healing!

Three Specific Appointment Options Available to pick from:

  1. In Office Appointment (IOA)
    60-75 minutesTele Medicine (TM)
  2. PH Consult ~ 45-60 minutes ~ Texting ~ Email as needed according to Plan

    Start Here: Initial New Client In Office Appointment (IOA) OR
    Phone Consultation (PHC)
  3. OR Dr. Prater, ND
    Comprehensive Total Body Physical & Wellness Evaluation (CTBP&W)
    This is 1-2 month process

2023 Payment Options & Discounted Plan’s

Also available for Professionals & Students:

Customized Training & Professional Mentoring (CTPM)

Intensive Personal Training Program (IPTP)