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Naturopathic Telemedicine Helping USA Stay Healthy

Naturopathic Care:

  • Telemedicine Consultations
  • In Office Appointments

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you on one of your most important “investments” Overall Health!


We are a Private Practice – providing Naturopathic Health & Wellness Services:

  • In Office Appointments: Monday-Friday by appointment only
  • Telemedicine Consultation (Email-Text-Phone & Video Consultations)

For Scheduling OR text 219-613-1161

Monday-Friday: Routine/New Clients  

Saturday Telemedicine with Clients on Annual Discount Plans

21CTW practice is designed to take you from your existing state of health & wellness (or dis-ease) to an optimized state of health & wellness — helping you meet your health and fitness goals!

  1. Enjoying a state of wellness consists of dealing with your life as a whole.
  2. So we start with a detailed intake ( ) interview in order to come up with a Personalized Plan of Care (POC’s) designed specifically for you — looking at the following areas:
  • Nutrition (Nutrigenomics)
  • Supplementation
  • Exercise Physiology/Sports Medicine/Private Martial Arts Training
  • Proper Sleep & Stress Reduction (Endocrine System)
  • Pain/Mobility/Functional Movement Training

    Give us a call or text us today on 219.613.1161!

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    Dan Prater, ND has been helping people all over the country for years in his practice using Naturopathy & Traditional Chinese Medicine…

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