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Naturopathic Telemedicine Helping USA Stay Healthy

Naturopathic Telemedicine (TM PH Consult) & In Office Appointment (IOA)

21CTW/Dan Prater ND is Board Certified Naturopath in Private Practice Cedar Lake, Indiana with Clientele in 49 states, USA, Asia, Europe!

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you on one of your most important “investments” Overall Health!


We are a Private Practice – providing Naturopathic Health & Wellness Services:

  • IOA: Monday-Friday by appointment only
  • TM/PH Consultations (Email-Text-Phone & Video Consultations)

For Scheduling OR text 219-613-1161




  1. Dan Prater, ND starts with a detailed intake ( & interview to customize you’re: Personalized Plan of Care (POC’s) focusing on the following areas:
  • * Nutrition (Nutrigenomics)
  • * Supplementation
  • * Exercise Physiology/Sports Medicine
  • * Pain/Mobility/Functional Movement Training
  • Other areas that can be included:
  • * Private Martial Arts Training
  • * Proper Sleep & Stress Reduction (Endocrine System)


    Give us a call or text us today on 219.613.1161!

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