Customized Supplementation

Dr. Prater, ND POC for you will be based on your:
Lab’s ~ Genetic Profile ~ Gender ~ Age ~ And Specific Goal‘s

However, I am not a big advocate of taking bunch of “pills!”

There’s definitely time and place for everything, and if you need medication I will tell you that!
If your MD has prescribe medication to you, I strongly recommend you continue that prescription and also discuss this First Line Therapy Program with your MD. They will be happy to hear it!

I will also discuss with you the supplementation you need as necessity, based on your labs!

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All other micro nutrients needed, I’m going to strongly encourage you to maximize food!
Objective & Lab based information is what I’ll provide you, the final decision will be yours!

And I’ll partner with you from there!

The Initial Lab Tests to determine your Nutritional/Supplementation (Nutrigenomics) needs:

  • CBC/CMP/HS-CRP/A1C/Genetic Metabolic Cheek Swab Test
  • And Customize Specific Labs based on your Initial Evaluation Customized Lab Tests

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  3. Health Appraisal Questionnaire
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Once all forms are completed send to our office by one of these options:

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And finally most important, only God heals, Dr.’s just assist and listen!