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Dr. Dan Prater, Naturopath
12514 Parrish Ave.
Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303

Phone/Text: 219.613.1161



• Naturopath Doctor  in Cedar Lake, Indiana Office/Clinic hours are by appointment only: Monday – Friday, 9:15 am to 6:30 pm CST.

• Telemedicine – Phone Consultations are available: Mon – Fri, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm CST. Schedule a Telemedicine appointment.

• Personal training sessions are available following a Specific Determination Evaluation (SDE). Schedule an appointment now.

These training sessions can include: strength & conditioning, self-defense and total body fitness. All sessions are focused on exactly what you need, ask about our guarantee with all private sessions.


21st Century Total Wellness, 12514 Parrish Ave., Cedar Lake, IN 46303

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