I had an appointment today with Dan. I feel amazing. He took such a good care of me and made me feel like he really wanted to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.


I cannot say enough good things about the caring and conscientious manner in which the staff at 21st Century has handled both my health and the necessary billing for service. Not often do you get your money’s worth in this world so be glad you found Dan Prater, NP and 21st Century Total Wellness. I suffered from a benign but aggravating skin discoloration caused by an environmental fungus… Dan Prater’s prescription took care of my condition in 6 days !
Dan Prater, ND is a conscientious and holistically sympathetic alternative medicine professional that truly cares about the quality of life of his clients. I appreciate his thoroughness and his and his office’s passion to do anything it takes to be of service.

Stephen L

It is nice going to a doctor that doesn’t rush through the visit. I appreciate his knowledge and kindness.


So many have asked Stan about his decision to refuse traditional meds/chemo following his cancer surgery last year. Here is a little bit of our story. Following Stan’s surgery, removing a large portion of his femur bone and total knee replacement, the surgeon then referred him to the oncology department at Rush. It was quite sobering when the elevator doors opened at Rush Hospital Oncology Unit and those are the words you see. I stood there for a moment thinking “I never imagined we would be coming here”. Although a state of the art facility, we sure did not want to be there for one of us. Stan met with a leading Oncologist , and was told she suggested chemo followed by radiation as a prevention “in case” there could be any cancer cells that all the testing and surgery may have missed. Stan told her although he respected her opinion that he was a man of faith and he was choosing to proceed with a “Natural Approach”. (In no way am I saying if this was not your choice that you do not have faith). Every case is individual and everyone has to make their own decision. Stan did not make this without much prayer, research, and listening to health professionals. This decision was met with many opinions from others, most very positive, some shocked. you know the Dr. says you have cancer ( life changing words), you then have surgery or go directly to chemo. But Stan’s choice lead him to Dan Prater, and we both know it was the perfect choice for his healing. With God and Dr. Dan’s expertise, Stan’s recent scan was clear, blood work is great and he is living a healthy lifestyle and has never felt or looked better. I know it’s hard when you enter an “unknown” medical world to not just think that you have to do everything your physician says you need and to even consider the thought of going against the “popular” opinion for cancer treatment. We feel very blessed that we were introduced to Dr. Dan, a Naturopath even before Stan was diagnosed with his bone cancer. So thankful that God was guiding our steps and knew our future. We are so pleased with the care Stan has been given this past year from Dr. Dan Prater, and are looking forward to many healthy years ahead to continue our calling and make a difference in this world.


Very knowledgeable and helpful for me for a very long time now. I am so grateful to have met Dan and trust him to keep me walking and healthy throughout my cancer experience and issues with my back.


I cannot say enough positives about Dan and his services. The supplements that I have received for stress and insomnia have allowed me to avoid prescription medications and have kept me healthy. I have never felt better! Thank u Dan.

Karen A

Total confidence and trust in my treatments for many many years. Has been a lifesaver to me.

Donna S

Thankful to God for you, you have a gift and He is blessing your work!!! Dan, I was in so much pain today I had a headache and stomach ache!!! I feel wonderful right now. Going to soak in tub and give prayers of thanks for you and being such a great steward of the gifts He had blessed you with that bless so many of us. THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe the improvement-its supernatural and I know why!! Giving Him all the glory and thanking you for taking care of me today

Sue K

have trusted Dan for several years and he has never steered me wrong. I have total trust and confidence in him. If you’re looking for a holistic and natural approach to your health, you won’t be disappointed.

Angela P

Dan Prater is a “breath of fresh air” in my 40 year history of other medical doctors. Finally found someone who uses natural means to help my body heal. Thank you, Dan Prater!

Mary Lou V